LinkedIn says:

We are joining forces with Microsoft to realize a common mission to empower people and organizations. LinkedIn’s vision – to create economic opportunity for every member of the global workforce – is not changing and our members still come first.

In other words, Microsoft is no longer a software supplier but a recruitment agency.

Our members will continue to develop their skills, find a job and be great at that job, using our platform. We will continue to help our customers hire top talent, market their brand, and sell to their customers.

So MicroLink is also now a brand agency.

We’ve been changing the way the world’s professionals have connected to opportunity for 13 years, and this is an opportunity for us to truly change the way the world works on a massive scale.

Not content with recruitment and brand management, LinkedIn as part of MicroLink wants to take over the whole world “on a massive scale”.

Google and Facebook already “own” our information. Now MicroLink wants to own us too. Happy face or Sad face, people?

Oh, and they’re not short on prideful boasting either:

Microsoft and LinkedIn merger graphic

Really? “World’s Leading Professional Cloud.” Amazon and Google may contest that claim.

And “World’s Leading Professional Network.” There are many accounting and law networks that are truly professional, with their members having obtained the necessary degrees and qualifications.

Linkedin is a self-promoting and self-qualifying network, where people post their “skills” and other people endorse them.

Microsoft has been incredibly successful and influential. Merging with LinkedIn is going downmarket. A new era of pack em high and sell em cheap?